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The moment you become a mother is the moment that  you will receive many hats.  Some you have been prepared for, some just come as life happens.Motherhood is protection
Motherhood is nurturer
Motherhood is sympathizer
Motherhood is comforter
Motherhood is empowerer
Motherhood is educator/trainer and enforcer
Motherhood is hero
Motherhood is patient
Motherhood is unconditional love
Mootherhoood is sacrifices
Motherhood is exhaustion
Motherhood is tears
Motherhood is sleepless nights
Motherhood is vomit
Motherhood is pee and poo
Motherhood is many many loads of laundry
Motherhood is simply watch kids being kids
Motherhood is seeing joy in their eyes
Motherhood is sharing the moments, be in the moments
Motherhood is rising to any occasion
Motherhood is laughters
Motherhood is big wet sloppery kisses (lots and lots of)
Motherhood is finding purpose in life
Motherhood is to witness and experience God’s miracle, to witness our children’s growth.
and Motherhood is something I would do it all over again in any life and wouldn’t have it any other way
To my mother who has gone above and beyond and has sacrificed everything to give us the life that we have today.  I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the brave women.  MOM is only three letter words but it is powerful and strong.

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Project Something Beautiful is a blog circle amongst friends where we will take everything we are and embrace it.  Next up is my talented friend Dawn Switzer from Dawn Switzer Photography, check out her take on motherhood.  Thank you for joining us this month.

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  1. Wonderfully said my friend!! And the photos of you with the kids & family are wonderful. May you have a blessed day!!

  2. Thank you for your kind word Dawn. Happy mother’s day To you dear friend

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