Project Something Beautiful – Hesitant

I think.

I analyze.

I have been down that road before. 

I had been rejected before. I hesitate to approach. 

I think again. 

I overanalyze again.

I fear of that same rejection. 

I let it linger. 

I let fear of rejection take the best part of me and I hesitated. 

For a change, I challenge my fear.

I set goals.

I overcome hesitation.  I want to see where this will take me.


“stop worrying about what you have to loose and start thinking about everything that you have to gain.”



Project Something Beautiful is a blog circle amongst friends where we will take everything we are and embrace it.  Next up is my talented friend Dawn Switzer from Dawn Switzer Photography, check out her take on hesitant.  Thank you for joining us this month.

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  1. Oh, Thuvan – really great post!! Your photos are so perfect, the hand wringing and nail biting. That physical manifestation of the internal struggle. And I forget how helpful setting goals can be. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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