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I originally decided to skip this blog circle due to so many things going on but after some thoughts I changed my mind.  Determination is a process of establishing something in one’s life.  If I were to pass on this blog circle, my determination would have been absent in this journey.  I decided that determination will be the driving force for me to push my bounderies, to get out there and to create. 

So what is determination?  I believe it is one’s internal drive to accomplish something.  It is personal and must be done by that individual.  As I sat there thinking of the word, I realize that this year I made a conscious decision and determined to better myself personally and professionally.  Nobody else can bring determination to me, it is only me and me alone can make that decision.  It is not to be achieved but rather a journey of life.  Everyday we make subconscious decisions.  I am hoping that with determination, I am more aware of my decisions to make good choices.  The reward of determination is the gratification at the end knowing that you did it, you push through even when the going gets tough.

In January and February, I participated in the Shoot and Share photo contest.  It started out just for fun knowing that I wasn’t fully prepared for it (I will share my results in later this week, so stay tuned).  Along the way, I discovered many things about my passion for photography and where I want myself to be.  I want to help people document their journey of life in the most meaningful way.  I believe that with determination and the desire to nourish my soul with arts and culture, I will be able to achieve this.  My vision is clear, my goal is set, I am excited of where photography has taken me thus far.  I have learned that gears, techniques, and knowledge will only get me so far.  My conscious awareness of determination allows me to push through when I am doubtful or hitting a roadblock.  It will help get me out there, it will get me to continue to think and to create.  Determination hightens my productivity as well as self-knowledge.  Today was one of those days, though I was about to give up on this blog circle because of so many things going on, determination was the driving force for me to make the time and complete this monthly task in my photography journey.  I am so glad that I pushed it through today, this week and this month.

Courtesy of my son Jaden
Goals can be accomplished
With determination
and self-motivation
With perseverance
and desire to learn
Just possibly
One day I will be who I want to be
Yours truly
Project Something Beautiful is a blog circle amongst friends where we will take everything we are and embrace it.  Next up is my talented friend Dawn at Dawn Switzer Photography, check out her take on determination.  Thank you for joining us this month.

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