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Hello there!

Thank you so much for stopping by and visit my page.  First of all, I would like to introduce myself.  My name Thuvan Nguyen (pronounce as Twovon Win).  I was born and raised in Vietnam until I was 15 when my family migrated to settle in Fort Worth, Texas.  I’m currently resided in Cypress, TX (a suburb of Greater of Houston) with our family of six. 

I’m married to the love of my life with four nuggets.  

Meet My family

A little bit about myself: I like reading, drinking coffee occasionally, drinking wine, beer, alcohol on special occasion though I find myself holding a beer most of the time at any outings.  I think it’s mainly because I don’t know much about wine yet so if you want to give me a wine lesson, I’m definitely up for the challenge.  Hot chocolate and hot tea are a must during the cold months.  I do enjoy a good Netflix movie here and there.  I love watching super hero movies or shows with the kiddos.  Our family’s most favorite at the moment is Flash, Supergirl, Once Upon A Time.  I like a good read of mystery sometimes but haven’t really done much of reading lately.  I love dancing.  You can catch me moving my feet to any music.  I love ballroom dancing, hip hop and salsa, swing can be fun if I get the right dancing partner.  I love charity work and always encourage my little ones to do the same.  I have a soft heart when it comes to babies and little children.  One of my dreams is to be able to embark on a missionary trip to either Asia, Africa, or South America with my family.

Why photography?  I had always loved photography but never knew that I could do more than enjoying it.  I took a few of photography classes while I was an undergrad at TCU, Go Horned Frog!  My passion for photography intensified and became my existence when I had my own children.  I wanted to instill those little moments of my children as they are growing up.  I love to photograph families especially those with little babies.  I want to capture and document those sweet moments for growing families because guess what, they will only be little for a short time.  “A moment captured is a moment treasured”.  Life is too short sometimes and those babies will never be small ever again.

As equally favorite as family session, I love to photograph seniors.  Why is it important to do a senior portrait session?  After high school, these (once a little baby) now young adults are facing with uncertainty in their future, what will they be doing and who will they become and honestly this might be the last chance for them to get professional photos done that is until their wedding day.  These sessions are unique, I document their personality, their hobbies or extracurricular activities.  I love capturing and instilling those moments and turn them into timelesss treasures for families.

Call me, email me or Contact Me, I would like to chat over a cup of coffee/tea.

Much love to you and yours,


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