Kids are Kids

This is our second “6 on the 6th Blog Circle” and I’d like to write a little bit of what has been happening around here in Houston, Texas.  When you finished with my blog, please check out Elaina B Photography and see what she has on her page, then the one after that and after that… keep going until you end up at my page again ^_^.  As always, we love like(s) and comments.  Thank you for checking us out – with a cherry on top.  enjoy!

The week that I got back from my Atlanta trip, Cypress (the Northwest side of Houston) was flooded after one night of heavy pouring rain.  The flood had killed 7 people, destroyed 1000 homes possibly caused up to 5 billion in damages (according to CNN).

20160419- IMG_6536 Cypress Flood
Turn around, don’t drown


The Schools were closed so we had the kids at home watching movies, reading books.  On the third day, the sun came out so EVERYONE in the neighborhood also came out.  That included us.

20160420- IMG_6589 Jaden & Anvy
Big brother helped little sister up when she fell
20160420- IMG_6599 Jonah Jaden & Anvy
water puddles on the streets are fun to play with


It was fun to watch the children being out and enjoying themselves.  The whole neighborhood was out either biking, walking or even canoeing on the risen water creek.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping off the bridge but they seemed to have fun.  I remember my friends doing this when I was little.  I didn’t know how to swim so I tend to stay away from these activities.

20160420- IMG_6637 Flood 2016
One.! two.! three.! then you are on your own.
20160420- IMG_6695 Flood 2016
This isn’t a river, when the water is gone, it is just a creek. Water went up to about 13 feet high.


Some adults walked by with their heads shaking, some stayed back to watch, some stood by to give them tips of safety.  I was one of the ones to give them tips.  There was no way of stopping them, might as well teach them how to do it safely.  They were really not bad kids, they were very polite.  When I started the conversation with the few of them, they talked and responded back in a very respectful manner.  Kids are just kids.  They need to have some fun after being “held captives” during the flood.  I’m glad they found something healthy and fun to do rather than smoking, drinking or doing drugs.

Just a heads up, if you ever visited Houston and got caught in the flood, just “turn out, don’t drown”.  The level of water on the street is unpredictable and it would be too late by the time you say the word “Oops”.  Your life and others can be in serious danger, please don’t risk it.  Nothing is more important than yourself and your family at the moment.

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