February Video – Minimalist/Negative Space

This month I tried to shoot video in minimalist/negative space concept.  This concept is to make the environment around the subject is magnificent, simple and quiet.  The environment can have textures but not too busy.

Some very creative ideas:

  1. Subject against an empty wall, step back.
  2. Subject against a giant structure.
  3. Subject in an empty giant field
  4.  Subject alone in a quiet room at one location.

The whole idea is to make it simple but can still amplify the meaning of the movie

I choose to record my son’s soccer practice.  Here’s the video.


  1. My camera shake is still an issue, I’m not sure how to combat it since I have a painful elbow and lower right arm.
  2. Part of my clip is a bit long making it very boring.
  3. Create better storyline
  4. Transition, transition, transition.

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