DIY upcycle ladder

Hi y’all!

This is my first time to truly blog something I did.  I’m very inspired by Ana White and many other ladies who design their deco, wood projects around the house so here it is my first piece.  I got this old ladder from a garage sale for almost a year ago, it was $5 so I thought it was a steal.  It has been sitting in the garage (at my brother’s house) ever since I bought it.  I finally have time and an idea of what to do with it.  With the help of my “carpenter”, I was able to create three pieces serve as functional deco in my house.

(1) The first one is a stool to place a plant by the stairs.  This is the top part of the ladder that was cut out.  I sanded off then gave it a fresh paint coat and distress it with sand paper to give it a vintage look.  The pre sanding was a bit work because the ladder had a lot of paint coats on it… I think because the previous owner used it to paint so it is quite messy.  All in all, this first part is done.  I’m quite please with it.

The other two pieces are coming soon, I can’t wait to share them with you… To be continued.

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