Childbirth is an experience that changes a woman’s life.  From this day on, this mama’s life will change, she will give up a lot of personal things for him, the new life that’s been inside her for 9 months, in exchange for many precious moments about to unfold.  She will experience many firsts with this baby, the firsts that will melt her heart and will be embedded in her mind for the rest of her life.  What an experience and a blessing that is for women to naturally give it all unconditionally to their children right off the bat.  Even babies naturally look for their mamas.  It is a wonderful feeling to become a mother right at the moment of birth and to be given a title that no one can take away.  I’m glad to have been able to capture the beginning moments for this family, for this mama specifically.  The baby cried for the first time, mom got to hold the baby, dad cut the umbilical cord and how the baby’s little fingers held onto dad’s finger while mom was holding him.  The circle of life is right here.  These moments touched my heart that I cried just looking at them.  What a wonderful wonderful experience to have been the witness of life and on top of that I got to capture these moments for these parents to treasure for the rest of their life.  For 8 hours of labor, this little booger made it all worthwhile for his mama.  Welcome to the world buddy, may you be blossomed into a handsome young man.

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