“stability of one’s mind or feelings.”
“the way to some kind of peace and personal balance”

I believe that when we feel good about ourselves and believe in our own self-worth, we’ll be a better service to others.  That will eventually lead to a much healthier lifestyle… effortlessly.

I have learned that reaching balance isn’t something that can be achieved in one day or one week, or one month.  It takes discipline, determination and consistency for a period of time, sometimes through a few trials and errors to see what really makes your life “balanced” in your own term.  As I have stated at the beginning of the year (on Instagram), my word for this year is “BALANCE.”  My goal was to create a balance in health, family, social, financial, business, civic, and spiritual.  For this month, I wanted to jump-start on two things (1) exercise, to start my journey to a healthier lifestyle and a balance in health; (2) Networking with other creatives.

My 1st goal didn’t go as well as I would like it to be.  I want to go to the gym so that I can be by myself and have a trainer to guide me in the right direction.  Though I do take walks, runs with the kids here and there, I couldn’t find time for the gym.  This was a month of many unforseen happenings but I’m proud to say for the month of March, I have started to have a morning routine to get some exercise in.  My trainer sent me some videos he thinks that would benefit me since I still can’t go to the gym yet.  Not only that my little girl has joined me as well.

My 2nd goal for February was to start networking with other creatives, to meet them in person, to learn more about what they do.  I am excited that I got to meet an incredible individual who had been in the creative industry for a long time.  She’s a retired stage performer who has a beautiful creative mind and talent.  I wanted to interview her and have more of a one on one with her.  Though that didn’t happen; I’m just thankful that she was able to accommodate and work with what we had.  I got to witness her styling someone while we were there.  Then she styled me and made me feel so beautiful.  I love how she can transform a simple piece into a glamorous one.  She is one incredible individual who doesn’t let life obstacles stop her.  She’s strong, determined and most of all, she’s full of ideas to make women beautiful.  Her motto is “everyone is a star” and she will turn you into one.  I have learned so much from her not just being an artist but also being a person who loves what she does.  Hopefully we’ll have another session in the future.  In the photos below I would like to show you a few pieces that she styled me in and I couldn’t resist.

I’m proud to say that I have been very consistent with some of my 2018 goals personally and professionally so far…

  1. Reading our family daily bible/prayers
  2. Consistently document our everyday life
  3. Consistently participating in weekly insta loops
  4. Consistently participating in our monthly blog
  5. Volunteer and doing community service
  6. Enjoy moments and beautiful things around me
  7. Document our family through videos and pushing my bounderies to learn video editing, I am learning so much and having so much fun.

To do this without the support of my partner in crime would have been impossible.  I’m thankful for having him by my side supporting me and encouraging me.  He is always up for any of my crazy ideas but sometimes he would pinch me back to reality too.

I’m also thankful for God’s blessings on my family.  Everyday they help out and work hard at what they do.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m excited to be writing and photographing about “BALANCE”  with a group of talented photographers as part of the blog circle of “Project Something Beautiful.”  Check out Dawn Switzer for per piece describing BALANCE through photographs.  See you next month.


What is the definition of reflect?

To think, ponder or meditate quietly or calmly about…{something}.
To self-reflect is to examine one’s past, present and a look into the future.

Quite often, I reflect on the paths I have taken, where I am and where I want to be.  I have experienced hurts, pains, disappointments, betrayal but as equally I have received immeasurable love, support, and blessings from my family and friends especially of my husband for 11 years and my 4 blessings blooming.  The scars have shaped me, the hurt and pain have strengthened me and the blessings have pulled me through and through during my darkness and miseries.  God has graced me much more than I deserve to have such a beautiful growing family with a business that I’m inspired to grow one day at a time.  I have overcome many hurdles along my photography journey to get where I am.  I’m learning and pushing forward no matter what.  I know that there are people who believe in me, believe in what I do and so I’m focusing my energy on learning and creating beautiful images, and bringing beautiful piece of art and heirloom into homes and families.

20180121-Leaves bokeh-6 2


This year, I made a promise to myself to bring balance into my daily life.  Here are a few things that I am doing:

Personal Goals

  1. Read and reflect a bible verse each day
  2. Take care of myself so that I can take care of others especially my husband and my 4 children by exercising at least every other day, eat well and make myself look presentable at all time.
  3. Choose joy no matter what and always know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Volunteer and do community service
  5. Develop professionally by keep on learning so I can grow my business and genuinely network with people.
  6. Let live and let it go
  7. Go out and meet with others
  8. Put myself out there and not be afraid of judgement.
  9. Enjoy beautiful things, sing a little, dance a little, laugh out loud and cry a little if I must.
  10. Last but not least, appreciate myself knowing that I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Professional goals:

  1. Attend at least one photography state/national conference
  2. Complete my 365 days project (a photo a day) to push my boundaries and go out of my comfort zone.
  3. Document once a month my family via video using different techniques, post it on youtube and sending it out to critique via circle of friends, check out my January 2018 Video 
  4. Participate in monthly blog circle
  5. Participate in insta loops
  6. Lead a photography project
20180121-Reflection Mama-4 2
This photo is courtesy of Jojo, my oldest son.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m excited to be writing and photographing about “REFLECT”  with a group of talented photographers as part of the blog circle of “Project Something Beautiful.”  My feature photo was captured using double exposure, and the last one was captured with a technique called freelense.  Check out Britney Wharton Photography for per piece on REFLECT.  See you next month

Laugh, I tell you

And you will turn back

The hands of time.

Smile, I tell you
And you will reflect
The face of the divine.

Sing, I tell you
And all the angels will sing with you!

Cry, I tell you
And the reflections found in your pool of tears
Will remind you of the lessons of today and yesterday
To guide you through the fears of tomorrow.”

– Suzy Kassem –


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