Day in the life – Self Documentary Portaits

So it finally happens.  Today was the last day of school.  I have been excited but worried at the same time.  I’m excited to get to spend the time and make memories with my little loves.  I’m worried that I don’t have enough things for the kiddos to do or keeping those growing brains busy enough but I’m leaving it up to the guy upstairs to help me having a great summer with the little kiddos and the family when we have our road trip.  Inspired by the idea of documenting “day in the life” by some friends in the Clickinfriends, I’ve decided to use this day to document what’s going on in our life.  This is not only for me but it’s also for the kiddos to see years later.  The difficult part of this challenge is to be in the frame at every photo.

The past year has been great for both school kids, they start to find their own interest and what sparks their little growing brains.  As a mother, each day away from them is a day of many worries but I place my worries in the hands of the Creator because there’s nothing I can control.  I can only control what I’m teaching my children.  Before sending the boys off to school, I try to remind them of the following hoping, praying that when they grow up, they will become useful individuals for their own family and for the society as a whole: “My sons, remember: always listen and respect your teachers (and any adults). Help your friends especially those who are not as fortunate as you. Treat others just like how you want to be treated. Study hard so you can play hard. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Love your youth because it only comes once. Watch your surroundings, pay attention to strange signs and strangers who you feel not belonging. Always say sorry, thank you and please. Be ready to forgive at any given time. Life is too short to hold grudges or let sadness take over your life. Always have the desire to learn new things, to meet new people and to make new friends. Remember that it’s important to have happiness but it’s even more important to bring happiness to others because ultimately that happiness will come back to you ten folds. Eat ice cream, read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, enjoy simple things in life. One thing I’m still learning is to listen, learn to listen before you get to my age. Treat elders with grace, passion and respect because you will be old one day too.  Always treat the ladies right because like your mom, they bore and gave births as well.  Remember to pray and count your blessings everyday. I will Pray for your safety and protection from God Almighty.”

Overall it was a great day.  Other than the usual happenings everyday, I was at the school with the kiddos for their end of the year parties, I visited my mama and was reminded how spoiled I am.  She made me green mustard kimchi, my most favorite and barely mentioned it at family gathering on memorial day that I was having a craving for it.  A few days later, here it is.  We celebrated end of the year as a family, the kids got rewarded for doing well in school.  Because it was raining, there were a few photos were taken with my phone.  I’m a little (just a little) disappointed that my bus stop surprise was not as good as I planned because of the rain.  I wanted to spray the kids with crazy strings when they got off the bus but it started raining so I squirted a few, grabbed the camera, the umbrella to hurry home so the kids and the camera do not get wet – well the camera mostly because the kids really they could play in the rain ^_^.  I’m glad to have had this challenge and had so much fun doing it although it was a bit tiring.  The picture of me hugging my husband at the end of the day was just how I felt.  I wanted. to. crash!  My most favorite photo was when the kiddos pulled out my oldest’s first year album and started admiring the places he got to go, things he did.  We had a good time looking through the photos with a few good good giggles.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Summer is officially here, we would like to wish you and your family a great summer, safe travels and make great memories with the ones you love!


20160602-IMG_0142 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0145 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0150 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0154 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0155 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0156 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0159 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0161 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0178 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0168 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0167 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0185 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0189 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0198 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0202 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0203 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0204 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0205 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0206 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0209 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0212 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0210 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0213 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_2817-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_2839-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_2864-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_2867-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_2870-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_3012-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_3017-2 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0220 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0228 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0233 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0234 day in the life - self portrait documentary

20160602-IMG_0238 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0239 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0243 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0253 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0255 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0256 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0258 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0267 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0268 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0277 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0296 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0303 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0305 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0312 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0317 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0319 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0321 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0322 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0345 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0367 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0373 day in the life - self portrait documentary20160602-IMG_0375 day in the life - self portrait documentary

Kids are Kids

This is our second “6 on the 6th Blog Circle” and I’d like to write a little bit of what has been happening around here in Houston, Texas.  When you finished with my blog, please check out Elaina B Photography and see what she has on her page, then the one after that and after that… keep going until you end up at my page again ^_^.  As always, we love like(s) and comments.  Thank you for checking us out – with a cherry on top.  enjoy!

The week that I got back from my Atlanta trip, Cypress (the Northwest side of Houston) was flooded after one night of heavy pouring rain.  The flood had killed 7 people, destroyed 1000 homes possibly caused up to 5 billion in damages (according to CNN).

20160419- IMG_6536 Cypress Flood
Turn around, don’t drown


The Schools were closed so we had the kids at home watching movies, reading books.  On the third day, the sun came out so EVERYONE in the neighborhood also came out.  That included us.

20160420- IMG_6589 Jaden & Anvy
Big brother helped little sister up when she fell
20160420- IMG_6599 Jonah Jaden & Anvy
water puddles on the streets are fun to play with


It was fun to watch the children being out and enjoying themselves.  The whole neighborhood was out either biking, walking or even canoeing on the risen water creek.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping off the bridge but they seemed to have fun.  I remember my friends doing this when I was little.  I didn’t know how to swim so I tend to stay away from these activities.

20160420- IMG_6637 Flood 2016
One.! two.! three.! then you are on your own.
20160420- IMG_6695 Flood 2016
This isn’t a river, when the water is gone, it is just a creek. Water went up to about 13 feet high.


Some adults walked by with their heads shaking, some stayed back to watch, some stood by to give them tips of safety.  I was one of the ones to give them tips.  There was no way of stopping them, might as well teach them how to do it safely.  They were really not bad kids, they were very polite.  When I started the conversation with the few of them, they talked and responded back in a very respectful manner.  Kids are just kids.  They need to have some fun after being “held captives” during the flood.  I’m glad they found something healthy and fun to do rather than smoking, drinking or doing drugs.

Just a heads up, if you ever visited Houston and got caught in the flood, just “turn out, don’t drown”.  The level of water on the street is unpredictable and it would be too late by the time you say the word “Oops”.  Your life and others can be in serious danger, please don’t risk it.  Nothing is more important than yourself and your family at the moment.

Thank you for stopping by, until next time.








Thoughts behind this blurred image…

20160315-IMG_4243 2016 Spring Break WM

Ever since I learned photography, I have always been taught to get the images as sharped as I can.  The best images presented by the best photographers are always very sharped.  So over the time, improving this skill has always been my top priority.  Today I would like to present to you an image that’s captured by a technique that normally general publics do not approve because it might appear as an error or a technical issue.  It is not just the foreground or the background being blurred, the entire photo is blurred.

This image was captured with intentionally blurred (AKA OOF = out of focus), it’s a technique that I have watched and learned through the photos captured by Shannon Kathleen Photography.  I have been following her for awhile and all of her intentional blurred photos have a fun inspirational story behind it.  The more I read about these blurred photographs, the more I was intrigued by this technique.  This photo was taken a few weeks back when I was standing from a far observing the kiddos running around and played at the pond.  In my mind, I wanted this image to be in my brain forever and ever.  I immediately thought of Shannon and her intentionally blurred technique.  Although in real life, everything is sharp and nice, but I wanted this photo to be blurred representing what I saw as a memory, a beautiful memory  of my precious little ones with some mysterious sensation.  It was what my mind experienced at the time the frame was taken.  I felt so excited to be able to put this image into a photograph, a memory that only I can understand and belongs to just only me.

Today, I’m excited to find out that this photo was featured at Reflections – Capturing Life in ART – photography/forum.

Thank you so much for the feature.


You Are Not Alone

Photo credit: Pamela Lewis Photography



It’s April.  This is the month marking my beginning in a blog circle participation called 6 on the 6th.  On the 6th of each month, I’ll feature 6 photos from that month and will be linking you to some other amazing photographers around the world to bring you varieties, at the end of this blog, you will find the link to the next blog from one of the photographers.  If you keep hopping onto the blog at the end of each, you will end up here with me again.  Happy blog hopping

Since this is all new to me, I guess I’ll just start by introducing myself.  My name is Thuvan, I am a wife, a mama of three who lives in Houston, TX.  Two years ago, I took the plunge and “accepted” an offer to be the CEO of this household (in another word to be a stay at home mom).  It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  The decision was easy but the process was tough because I struggled in my daily tasks.  Mainly it was because I decided that it was a good time to pick up my passion for photography.  Talking about passion, once I started shooting I couldn’t stop and once I started editing I couldn’t stop either.  House chores started to pile up, laundry loads were getting higher and higher and I hardly ever got enough sleep.  It was as if time was never in my favor.  For many days, I was stressed and struggled to balance my life.  I still do but it’s a little less since I have learned to manage my time better.  I felt alone and battling it by myself.  I remember someone realized how eager I was to accepting a social event because I couldn’t wait to get out “you couldn’t wait to get out of the house huh?”  It was as if I was waiting for someone to come and help me.

20160212-IMG_1192 Van & Laundry
Dirty laundry, I’m not afraid of you!!!

It was then that I decided to do something about it.  It was then that I decided to network with others that have the same passion.  Other photographers across the state, across the country and across the globe.   It was during this time that I have learned to partner, to trust and be friend with so many other creatives out there.  We lifted each other in our daily struggles, we inspired one another and motivated each other to keep going. It was more than just competition.  There’s a community out there with enough people to care for you for whatever your passion is let it be photography, arts, crafts.  You are not alone in your own world.  Don’t get me wrong, the chores are still there, the dirty laundry still gets piled up but at least in my busy mind, I’m a lot happier.  My family is happier and more balanced.  So go out there and search for those who have the same interests and passions as you, get connected.  Do not be afraid because you will gain more than you know it.

I love photography.  I love capturing natural reactions in families, children, babies and couples.  I want to create images that people will still be at awe years down the road because they show raw emotions.

These are some photos of my family during Spring break of this year.  We didn’t go on a vacation like everyone else, we used this opportunity to do a little bit of charity work and spending time with cousins biking, fishing and oh just enjoy the beautiful spring of nature.


Hop onto Asea Tremp Photography  and check out her blog. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to look around and let me  know if there’s a topic you would like for me to discuss.  How about some tips in photography? Activities to do with kids? anything you would like, I will do my best researching and bring you the information.





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