Project Something Beautiful – Motherhood

The moment you become a mother is the moment that  you will receive many hats.  Some you have been prepared for, some just come as life happens.

Motherhood is protection
Motherhood is nurturer
Motherhood is sympathizer
Motherhood is comforter
Motherhood is empowerer
Motherhood is educator/trainer and enforcer
Motherhood is hero
Motherhood is patient
Motherhood is unconditional love
Mootherhoood is sacrifices
Motherhood is exhaustion
Motherhood is tears
Motherhood is sleepless nights
Motherhood is vomit
Motherhood is pee and poo
Motherhood is many many loads of laundry
Motherhood is simply watch kids being kids
Motherhood is seeing joy in their eyes
Motherhood is sharing the moments, be in the moments
Motherhood is rising to any occasion
Motherhood is laughters
Motherhood is big wet sloppery kisses (lots and lots of)
Motherhood is finding purpose in life
Motherhood is to witness and experience God's miracle, to witness our children's growth.
and Motherhood is something I would do it all over again in any life and wouldn't have it any other way
To my mother who has gone above and beyond and has sacrificed everything to give us the life that we have today.  I love you.

Happy Mother's Day to all the brave women.  MOM is only three letter words but it is powerful and strong.

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Project Something Beautiful is a blog circle amongst friends where we will take everything we are and embrace it.  Next up is my talented friend Dawn Switzer from Dawn Switzer Photography, check out her take on motherhood.  Thank you for joining us this month.

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Project Something Beautiful – Hesitant

I think.

I analyze.

I have been down that road before. 

I had been rejected before. I hesitate to approach. 

I think again. 

I overanalyze again.

I fear of that same rejection. 

I let it linger. 

I let fear of rejection take the best part of me and I hesitated. 

For a change, I challenge my fear.

I set goals.

I overcome hesitation.  I want to see where this will take me.


“stop worrying about what you have to loose and start thinking about everything that you have to gain.”



Project Something Beautiful is a blog circle amongst friends where we will take everything we are and embrace it.  Next up is my talented friend Dawn Switzer from Dawn Switzer Photography, check out her take on hesitant.  Thank you for joining us this month.

You can check out my previous post of Project Something Beautiful here

2018 April Documentary

So This Is Love

On a weekly basis, I participate in an Instagram Loop with a group of photographers to encourage and support one another.  I would like to use this opportunity to introduce to you some of my dear photographer friends whom I have had the privilege to become friends in my photography journey.  We are sharing more than photography, we share our life experiences, our loss, our happiness and most of all we share our God given talents through arts and photography.  I’m grateful and feel blessed to have met them thanks to photography, or I wouldn’t have otherwise.   This week, the theme is “So This Is Love.”  Please check out their galleries and give them some love.



Shoot and Share Contest 2018 Results

With encouragement from some of my fellow photographers, I decided to enter a photo contest for the first time in January, the Shoot and Share Photo Contest of 2018.  There were 11,351 photographers from all over the world with a total of 413,065 submissions for 25 different categories.  I submitted 50 images in different categories Lifestyle/family documentary, maternity, kids, style/fashion, landscape/travel.

In this contest, the photos are randomly shown up in grids of four, voters would select their favorite out of the four.  Each photo has its fair numbers of appearance in the grid to be voted.  There was no information of the photographer and the photos with the most votes win.  Everyone can vote.  It’s a family friendly voting condition so all the photos submitted were reviewed to make sure they are family friendly.  There were 12 rounds of voting, then the finalist round, top 100 (the best of the best) in all 25 categories, then top 20 in all 25 categories .  

It was amazing to see so much talents out there.  Since there were sooooo many photos submitted, it was a rare occasion and a celebration if/when we spotted our own images during voting.  I never got to see and vote for my top 3.  

Entering and voting for this contest has taught me so much about my style and helped me see where my weaknesses lie and also what I want to be as a photographer.  I am hoping that the documentary genre will be appreciative more and I want to see more of those photos (hopefully some of mine) on the finalist in the future.  I am so excited and looking forward to the 2019 contest.

Here’s my result: 7 out of my images ranked top 30% or better.  My best image ranked 788 out of 19,330 photos in the lifestyle/documentary category, that’s about top 4% of all images submitted in this category.  This image truly means a lot to me.  It is an image of my children on the street right after Hurricane Harvey. 

Here are two in the top 20%

And here are the four in the top 30%

Here’s a slideshow of all the images I submitted to the contest

Thank you for visiting my site.  This is part of a blog circle amongst friends to showcase our contest results.  Please click on to see more beautiful photos by my talented friends and give them some likes and comments of what you think.  Next up is Suzi from Moments by Suzi, check to see her results.

Project Something Beautiful – Determination

I originally decided to skip this blog circle due to so many things going on but after some thoughts I changed my mind.  Determination is a process of establishing something in one’s life.  If I were to pass on this blog circle, my determination would have been absent in this journey.  I decided that determination will be the driving force for me to push my bounderies, to get out there and to create.  Continue reading “Project Something Beautiful – Determination”

2018 February Minimalist-negative space

One of my goals for 2018 is to learn new techniques, improve myself in photography.  With recommendations from a group of friends, I joined in this journey with P52clicks.  It is a community where photographers all over the world encourage each other to learn

12-months • 12-techniques • 1-photo a week • 52-opportunities for growth • for the everyday photographer • a new year, a new artist.

Continue reading “2018 February Minimalist-negative space”

February Video – Minimalist/Negative Space

This month I tried to shoot video in minimalist/negative space concept.  This concept is to make the environment around the subject is magnificent, simple and quiet.  The environment can have textures but not too busy.

Some very creative ideas:

  1. Subject against an empty wall, step back.
  2. Subject against a giant structure.
  3. Subject in an empty giant field
  4.  Subject alone in a quiet room at one location.

The whole idea is to make it simple but can still amplify the meaning of the movie

I choose to record my son’s soccer practice.  Here’s the video.


  1. My camera shake is still an issue, I’m not sure how to combat it since I have a painful elbow and lower right arm.
  2. Part of my clip is a bit long making it very boring.
  3. Create better storyline
  4. Transition, transition, transition.