April’s fool fun with the kids

Last night I asked the kids what would they like for breakfast.  They said waffle and egg.  So waffle and egg it is.

This morning they woke up, I told them to go ahead and put on their shoes while I’m getting ready (including dad).  A couple of minutes later, I heard screaming and yelling “what!!!” “Huh!!!” “Who DID THIS?!!!”. Low and behold, “someone” stuffed their shoes with toilet paper, dad and the sons couldn’t fit into their own normal every day shoes.  I wonder who did such a darn thing.

After that commotion, I told them breakfast is ready.  They all stormed the kitchen excitedly.  Egggggggsssss!!!! “YES!!!” the little brother said.  “Is that egg?” my oldest asked.  “It looked a little different!” the other one exclaimed.  “No, it’s not egg!!!”… I wonder what that is (hint: white is y….t and yellow is m…o). Happy April’s Fool Day everyone.  It’s never quiet in this household of 5.  Thank you for visiting.

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