2018 February Minimalist-negative space

One of my goals for 2018 is to learn new techniques, improve myself in photography.  With recommendations from a group of friends, I joined in this journey with P52clicks.  It is a community where photographers all over the world encourage each other to learn

12-months • 12-techniques • 1-photo a week • 52-opportunities for growth • for the everyday photographer • a new year, a new artist.

We usually have about 4 to 5 weeks to learn that technique for the month and to practice it with our camera.  Along the journey, we shared our images on social media and in the group for feedback.  The theme for February was Minimalist/negative space.  This month, a group of my photography friends decided to show case our favorites from the month of February.

What is minimalism/negative space in photography?

Minimalism is the art of less when the photographer focuses on one key element leaving the rest of the photo composition clutter free. Empty wall, simple leading lines, big sky… all will lead your eye to the most important element in the photo and it truly signifies the story of the subject in that photograph.

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.”
Walt Whitman

I hope you enjoy these, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to learn and play along with us.

Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

Follow along to my talented friend Chanelle at Chanelle Megan Photography and enjoy her photographing the month of February using the same technique.  And keep on clicking until you ended back here.  We’ll see you again in April for “March Madness” features.  You will love March theme so please do check back.20180208-Jaden Soccer 2018-320180212-James Anvy bath-3620180222-Jonah & Anvy MinimalistB&W20180204-Jaden Minimalism-6cropped-20180208-Cherry-Blossom-2018-2-cropped.jpg46-20180215-Anvy's Hand20180301-Jaden soccer-20 full20180213-James Valentine's 2018-220180301-Jaden soccer-30


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  1. Thuvan – You’ve done a wonderful job with these. I couldn’t pick a favorite if you made me! The glimpse into your life and your kids is special. And you’ve given us just enough to want more!

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